Unloading Pass for Check-In

Attention Exhibitors:

If you did not purchase a parking pass, please download the attached unloading pass. You MUST have a pass in order to enter the grounds for check-in. Once on grounds please purchase a parking pass.

Contact the Entry Dept. with any questions.

Unloading Letter & Pass


Celebration of Champions





See the Press Release regarding the Celebration of Champions here:

ISF Champions logo (2)

For Immediate Release:

State Fair now accepting donations for Celebration of Champions

Reformatted event ramps up pageantry, memories for participants

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Fair is now accepting donations for the Celebration of Champions that will take place Aug. 9 in the newly renovated Fairgrounds Coliseum. The ceremony, known as the Sale of Champions for many years prior to last year, recognizes youth at the State Fair through an elaborate gala and monetary awards that celebrate achievement, scholarship and hard work.

The event no longer relies on competitors returning home to raise funds. It uses a pre-set formula for awards to maintain an appropriately tiered structure and operational transparency.

“We’ve been looking at this event for several years now, and after many discussions and public meetings around the state, we firmly believe this is a model that will not only provide the kids with substantial, sustainable funds, but also make them feel incredibly proud of all the hard work they put in to deserve such recognition,” Indiana State Fair Board President Steve Simmerman said.

By removing the fundraising responsibilities from the participants, they can now more fully savor the success they’ve achieved. The State Fair Foundation is now coordinating all fundraising for this event and is ready to accept donations from individuals and private companies that would like to be a special part of this memorable occasion. Anyone wishing to donate can do so by emailingchampionshisf@yahoo.com. The Celebration of Champions is a public event that will begin at 1 p.m. Aug. 9.

For more information, please visit www.indianastatefair.com.



Open Class Premium Book

The Open Class Premium Book is available online!

To view the open livestock sections follow this link: http://www.in.gov/statefair/fair/contests/livestock_barns.html.

To view the open class home and family arts section follow this link: http://www.in.gov/statefair/fair/contests/2473.html

To view the open class ag/hort section follow this link: http://www.in.gov/statefair/fair/contests/2472.html

Be sure to review your section carefully as changes have been made. Online entry will be available the end of this month.

4-H Premium Book

Attention all 4-H exhibitors! The 2014 4-H Premium Book is now online! Please visit http://www.in.gov/statefair/fair/contests/2474.html to view and/or print each respective section. 4-H Swine exhibitors be sure to check out the new requirements for entry.

Horse & Pony exhibitors some classes have been removed, but there are now intermediate age classes.

All 4-H exhibitors, make sure to check all sections for new terms and conditions.

Livestock exhibitors please look at the Introduction section and read through the new drug testing policy in the General Terms and Conditions. The specific numbers to pay close attention are 8, 41, and 42.

Note: Online entry will be available no later than the end of April.


Welcome to the new home for news and information specifically for Indiana State Fair exhibitors! The Exhibitor’s Page is devoted to informing all Indiana State Fair exhibitors about new rule changes, scheduling changes, results and any other news that may be pertinent to you. Pre-fair you can find a step-by-step how to enter blog post to navigate your way through our new entry system, major changes to terms & conditions as listed in the premium books, and other news that would be valuable to our exhibitors in preparing for a great state fair. During the fair immediate show/contest results will be posted, show tips, photos from around the ground and much, much more! After the fair, official results will be posted along with a recap of the entire 17 days. We hope you find this blog to be a valuable resource and if you have any requests please let us know!